A Star Wars Saga Film Without the Skywalkers? – Jedi Council

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1.A Star Wars Saga Film Without the Skywalkers? – Jedi Council

Today on Jedi Council, the panel discusses the comments made by Domhnall Gleeson after he read the Rise of Skywalker script for the first time. Plus, some more updates coming from Jon Favreau and The Mandalorian as Disney and Lucasfilm gear up to launch their streaming service, the show about a lone gunslinger known as The Mandalorian is in the final stages of post with a scoring session being teased. We also look at the latest releases in comics and novels along with an in depth Q & A where the panel will answer a ton of your Star Wars themed questions!

Jedi Council host Ken Napzok fills in for Kristian Harloff and welcomes in everyone’s favorite outlaw John Rocha along with special guest, actor/writer/director Jeffrey Henderson, to talk about the biggest news in the Star Wars universe and beyond. You can watch #jedicouncil every Thursday.#StarWars #TheRiseofSkywalker #VaderImmortal

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